Sony Launches Tablet P to Rival iPad

Written By John Mitt Sam on Monday, September 5, 2011 | 6:13 AM

Sony has launched the first folding tablet computer in the world. The plan could rival iPad tablet from Apple. P Tablet Sony for £ 479 it has two touch-screen 5.5 inches and can be folded in half, making it more portable than the IPAD and other similar devices.
Sony Tablet P

Sony said the device that fits easily into your purse or jacket pocket. He also cheaper £ 20 (USD 277 thousand) than the iPad 2 with internet access wi-fi and 3G the same. Both sides of the tablet can be combined and used as one large screen. It also can download music and videos and have the camera on the front and rear, as well as allowing for video calls.
Sony Tablet P

Tablet computers is estimated to be sought after gadgets this year. Details of the device was revealed at the IFA consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin. Sony also launched a more conventional tablets.

The Mobile Gazette praised the site design appealing and innovative products. Even to call it: "Two tablets Sony can finally give a serious challenge for the iPad 2." But an electronics analyst at Macquarie Securities, Jeff Loff not impressed with Sony products. "We think this design will fail." he said. Remains to be seen whether consumers will take the bait Sony tablet.


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