HTC Sense with Windows 7 Phone

Written By John Mitt Sam on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | 8:32 AM

Until now, HTC Sense circulating in the market is a product of collaboration between HTC with Google. In that sense, HTC Sensi uses Google's Android OS. It seems that this will not last long. HTC has just announced that they are preparing Sense HTC that uses Windows OS Phone 7.
HTC Sense

For fans of Microsoft of course this is something exhilarating, HTC and Windows 7 Phone is the right mix. The news that circulated from HTC itself (Drew Bamford) said Sense UI which currently is on the HTC Sense will be maintained on Sense HTC Windows Phone 7.
HTC Sense

Although Microsoft has enough experience for the affairs of the User Interface, Sense UI itself is not fully integrated with Windows Phone 7. HTC will not be berargument with Microsoft about this. For the consumer as long as this does not affect the performance of the phone certainly will not be a problem.


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