Intel and Google Join Hands on Android Development

Written By John Mitt Sam on Thursday, September 15, 2011 | 8:54 AM

News Intel has revealed a new partnership with Google on Android, advances in the ultrabook device category and a new security technology that protects against zero-day exploits at its Intel Developer Forum.

To strengthen business relationships in mobile computing, a provider of OS Android (Google) along with the provider processor (Intel) finally agreed to establish cooperation. Manufacturer Intel previously had been reportedly working on making processors for mobile phones and tablet PCs classes so that collaboration between Intel Corp and Google Inc. It also seemed to bring the integration of the Android OS and Intel processor into the smart phone / high-powered tablet PCs.

Previously, many Android-based smartphone using ARM processor from NVIDIA, this cooperation will make the step to speed up Intel's entry into the smart phone market is booming. In addition to the smart phone market share to be acquired, Intel also had ample opportunity in terms of procurement processor for Android-based tablet PC.

It is estimated, the realization of the cooperation between Intel and Google will be immediately visible at least at the beginning of 2012. That means, on the fight smart phones in 2012, we can already see an Android phone with Intel's new processor chip. It is as revealed by Intel executives in the annual event, Intel Developer Conference in San Francisco, USA recently.

With the collaboration between Google and Intel, it also brings benefits to the Google, the article, Google will become increasingly more focused again in its mobile computing project in conjunction with Motorola's Mobility.

Intel is currently the company's PC processor maker in the world's number one, allowing the existence of a strong ecosystem of the collaboration of Google and Intel. We await further news.

Source: Reuters


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