Garmin-Asus A50 Android Smartphone

Written By John Mitt Sam on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 | 10:21 AM

Garmin Nuvifone A50memiliki Asus A-GPS module is equipped with Garmin software to help users lead the way. This Smartphone is a version of "additional" from the A10. The Garmin-Asus A50 combines Garmin's GPS expertise with an Asus-built Android mobile phone. The Garmin-Asus A50 is a step-up from the entry level Garmin-Asus A10, offering a larger screen and a sleeker design. The A50 smartphone doesn't have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and it uses the same processor as the entry-level model. RAM and ROM from Garmin Asus A50 only has a capacity of 256 MB compared to 512 MB A10. In addition, the camera is mounted is also "only" 3 Megapixel alone. Batteries are installed also circumcised than 1500 mAh, the Garmin Asus A10, a 1150 mAh. In addition, the charger is used Garmin Asus A50 is also still using the mini USB slot, not a micro USB. The good, the screen A50 is upgraded to 3.5 ", from 3.2" mounted on the Garmin Asus A10.

Garmin-Asus A50 Android smartphone

Who still use the same hardware device is Qualcomm MSM7227 processor with a speed of 600 MHz. A capacity of 4 GB of internal memory were similarly installed in it. One thing is very unfortunate, the operating system used is also still the same as using Android 2.1 or Eclair.

The screen used has dimensions of 3.5 inches, larger than the A10 is "only" 3.2 inches. Apparently, the 0.3 difference alone can make the experience better wear. Without using any cell phone signal, you can navigate by using the Garmin at the time under 20 seconds. In addition, you can also get map updates for free on the website, although in some cases, tends to be seen lagging A50 when drawing the map.

Garmin-Asus A50 Android smartphone

Smartphone's performance itself is quite ordinary. This is because the Garmin ASUS A50 still uses Android Eclair or 2.1 so that the performance calculations were still relatively low. This you can see in the CPU benchmarks like Linpack and BenchmarkPI that still looks low. If only Garmin ASUS A50 using Froyo, of course, its performance will be better. For applications to SD, it looks like you do not have to worry because the A50 is a wide internal space. If not, just use 8 GB microSD and set as its default storage.
Garmin-Asus A50 Android smartphone
This smartphone is perfect for you who like to walk. With the Garmin, you've reduced the cost to have a map book pages and pages. You can be helped quickly thanks to its GPS locking speed. However, for now it seems Garmin Asus A50 is not suitable to be used as a tool to play games.


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