Sony Announce the PSP-E1000

Written By John Mitt Sam on Saturday, September 10, 2011 | 9:29 AM

Sony made a surprise announcement yesterday during Gamescom by introducing a new model of the PSP called the PSP-E1000. The new product looks interesting. Have the same screen as the PSP-3000 and compatible with all PSP games earlier. On the face of it, the new handheld sounds enticing. It’s got the same screen as the PSP-3000, keeps the UMD so is backwards compatible with all PSP games, comes in a charcoal black that matches the slim PS3, and will be available at a pocket-friendly price of 99 euros, which would equate to $99 in the U.S.

The product comes with a charcoal black color, which matched with the sleek PlayStation 3. However, the good news just got there. Because this product has limited features. In addition, the E1000 will not be launched outside the region with PAL video formats.

Where as the 3000 measures 169.4 x 18.6 x 71.4mm, the E1000 is 172.4 × 73.4 × 21.6mm. It is lighter though, weighing in at 223 grams compared to the 280 grams of the 3000.
Unfortunately, so cheap, users who want to update the firmware on this gadget can only do it via cable. Because, in the PSP-E1000 does not support WiFi. In addition, Sony also remove the stereo features such as those in the PSP-3000. In PSP-E1000, there’s only monoaural sound, in other words, there is only one speaker. In addition, there is also no video-out feature. However, size is a bit more compact and lighter weight as well.

Below I have included the official specification breakdown for the PSP-E1000 and the PSP-3000 so you can see what has changed.

Dimensions: 172.4 × 73.4 × 21.6 mm
Weight: 223 g including battery
Screen: TFT 16 million colors, 4.3 inci/10.9 cm (16:9) full-transparent type
Sound: Mono
Internal disc drive: Read-only Universal Media Disc drive
Interface: DC IN 5V connector, Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0, connector DC OUT connector, plug a headset connector, Memory Stick PRO Duo slot
Power source: DC 5.0 V AC Adapter, Lithium-Ion rechargeable


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