10 New Attractive Features In Windows Phone Mango

Written By John Mitt Sam on Thursday, September 15, 2011 | 9:05 AM

Mango update reported to be released by Microsoft to the old model devices this middle of the month and of course, has become the default OS for new model devices such as Samsung’s Focus S, Focus Flash, HTC Titan, and Radar.
Windows Phone Mango

Here are 10 exciting new features of Windows Phone Mango:

  1. Threads – SMS, Facebook chat, and chat on IM will be in one thread for each person.
  2. Groups – contact list can now combine in a group.
  3. Improvements in Live Tiles – Live Tiles will now display more real time information and more dynamic.
  4. Multitasking – by holding the back button, the multitasking window will shows.
  5. App Connect – the application is now integrated with Bing search results. Examples: if you do a movie search with Bing, then the Fandago application will automatically open to you if you want purchase a tickets.
  6. People Hub – If in the past we just able to sync a list of contacts with Facebook, now the People Hub will also be integrated with Twitter, Outlook, LinkedIn, and Windows Live Messenger.
  7. Multiple Email Accounts – all email lists will be in one universal inbox
  8. Better Bing search results – search on Bing now has included seeking information on songs like the song title, its singer, and album title by bring phone closer to the source of the sound, this feature is the same as in TrackID, Shazam, and SounHound. Bing also be used as bar code scanners, QR codes, and Microsoft Tags by utilizing the camera without the need for third-party applications anymore.
  9. Internet Explorer 9 – the latest browser with the addition of HTML5 features and promised faster than the browsers on the other smartphones. There are graphics acceleration features that already integrated with the browser.
  10. Augmented Reality – by pointing Mango mobile phone to some place, some related applications will be open to be able to interact with the real world.

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