Protecting The Mobile Files

Written By John Mitt Sam on Monday, April 25, 2011 | 12:22 PM

Protecting data on your mobile phone is very important. One way that can be done is to use protection software from third party manufacturers either paid or free ones. Some software that can be used to protect your data is:

Hide Me
This freeware can protect important files that exist on the mobile phone. The concept of this freeware is to hide the files that are on your mobile phone. This software can be obtained at These applications can run on Symbian OS, Blackberry, and other OSes that support J2ME. This freeware can be used for mobile phones that have the File Connection API. Users can access the gallery/memory available on mobile phones. Hide me quite easily used and very familiar.

Synorate File Locker
The Window Mobile users can use Synorate File Locker to protect the files that exist on your device. Synorate File Locker supports files ending in jpg, bmp, doc, xls, mp3, wmv, and pdf. Synorate File Locker can be operated with ease. You simply select the files to be protected, give the password, the file is already protected by Synorate File Locker
Synorate File locker is available as a trial, you are obligated to buy this application if you want to use all the features that are available. You can download this application in The application is quite small and only requires a capacity of 1 MB only. Unfortunately, this application is only available for Windows Mobile users only.

Touch Crypto
Touch Crypto is a freeware software created by Kenvast (, serves to protect the file. Touch Crypto uses 128 AES algorithm to protect data such as jpg, doc, xls, and 3gp. These applications can run on Symbian-based devices. Both have thumbs, qwerty keyboard, or touchscreen.

Another interesting feature is the application can show thumbnails for image files making it easier for you to do a protection against the files are encrypted. For now, the new Touch Crypto is available only for Symbian OS only. In addition to use third-party software to secure data, you can also do protection by improving the habits that can harm your own. Some ways to make your data safe from data thieves is by way of: 

PIN and PUK 
This facility can not be utilized to secure your data. You just lock your phone and enter PIN number that you specify. If you forget your PIN number then you can enter your PUK number to unlock. However, you better not forget the PUK number you already know, because if you forget it, will bother to turn back. Using the PIN lock, your phone is safe from data thieves. Because when the phone is locked with a PIN lock, your phone can not be used without entering a PIN code that you have installed. 

Phone Lock 
Mobile is currently available typically have this feature. Phone lock feature is similar to the PIN lock, PIN lock is different from that do not have the phone lock code entry limits. When an error occurs an entry code, sim cards available on the mobile phone is not locked. Fasiliatas can be used as a means of securing your mobile phone from people who want to steal your data. 

When you sell your phone, you should reformat your phone or return the phone is in factory default position. This is done to protect your data contained on mobile phones. Often this is often forgotten by us, at this moment forgotten the personal data and important data on the mobile phone has been leaked out. Things like this are common in our society. 

Back Up 
By backing up your data, you no longer need to fear losing your data technically. This also often happens, when you sell your phone and format it. Data is important and still needed you can return it to your new phone. So the work you're doing is not disturbed by the loss of data. In order for the data contained on your mobile phone remains secure, it's good to follow a few tips that have been outlined above. This can be done easily and not spend your time. Keep your data safe.


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