iPhone OS 4 - The Most Advanced Operating System

Written By John Mitt Sam on Sunday, April 24, 2011 | 12:35 PM

Apple introduced OS 4 for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad on April 8, 2010. They aim for the biggest update ever for those devices on OS 4. This operating system will circulate in the market on June 7, 2010. However, iPhone developers have to try the beta version of OS 4. Apple claims OS 4 is an advanced operating system today. Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple Inc.) stated, "The iPhone OS 4 is the fourth release of the most advanced mobile operating system in the world. Apple gives a new taste on OS 4 for the iPhone by applying several new features. " 

OS 4 is the successor of the iPhone OS 3. Apple said that some of Apple products like the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G, the 3rd generation of iPod touch, and IPAD can work with OS 4. However, not all features will be compatible with devices that already exist today. As an example of multitasking feature is only available on the iPhone 3G and iPod touch 3rd generation (32 GB and 64 GB models from late 2009) 

iPhone OS 4 offers nearly more than 100 new features that provide ease in interacting with applications, manage e-mail, reading e-books, and various other features. Features available include: 

Multitasking: Developers will have access to seven multitasking service. Applications can run in the background, so the performance of the battery can be maintained. You can run an application or playing games while checking e-mail. 

iBook: With iBook, you can search, buy, and read books on mobile iPhone you have. Only with the touch of a finger, you can download from iBookstore while listening to your favorite music collection. You can download various free iBook by title or author. 

Better Mail application: Set up, send, and moved the inbox from one account to another account that is much faster and better than previous versions. 

Folders: Organizing applications into folders as easy as turning the hand. Only with drag and drop, you have to move an application into a folder. Apple promised that iPhone OS 4 can more quickly access the favorites menu and browse, and organize up to 2160 applications as well. 

Security: With better data protection, SMS, e-mail, or attachments that are stored on your iPhone will use a password as the encryption key. The new data protection API can be used for commercial applications. Your data can be well protected. 

Enterprise: iPhone OS 4 introduces a new feature that makes the iPhone so it's better to do business. Security is better, and increased integration gives you the convenience and flexibility into your company. 

Wireless Distribution: iPhone OS 4 is very secure in distributing files in-house can be done via WiFi or 3G. So the update files or applications contained on the iPhone no longer requires a connection with your computer. 

Mobile Device Management,: APIs new Mobile device management can be integrated with third-party wireless solution for configuring, updating, monitoring, and setting. 

On this operating system, Apple did a lot of changes. Another interesting point is the compatibility to older devices that have been circulating. Although not all devices can run the iPhone OS 4 or feature that is available not all can run. However, for the owners of the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G, 3rd generation of iPod touch, and iPad not need to buy a device just to feel the iPhone OS this 4. To see how far these features offered by Apple through the iPhone OS this 4. We recommend that you immediately try.


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