HP Focus on WebOS

Written By John Mitt Sam on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | 8:28 AM

So far, HP is known as one of the largest contributor to the Microsoft OS based smartphones. But it seems it's over! HP is currently concentrating to develop devices based WebOS. Here is an excerpt from CNBC with the HP Personal Systems Group - Todd Bradley.

Q: Can you make webOS successful with developers when you’re selling Windows Phone 7, maybe Android or Linux at the same time?
A: We continue to be Microsoft’s biggest customer, and we continue to believe we will drive innovation with Microsoft. At the same time, I think it’s clear to say, that we’re very focused on the customer, and giving the customer the experience that’s important to them. We won’t do — will not do a Linux / Android phone. We won’t do a Microsoft phone.

Q: So no Windows Phone 7?
A: We will continue to more broadly deliver the webOS-based phones that are in the market today, and Jon and his team have driven a strong roadmap for the future.

Q: So does that mean you’re going webOS only for phones?
A: For smartphones it does. Our intent is to focus those resources and really make webOS the best OS it can be.

From the conversation above is to ensure that HP is not going to produce devices using Windows 7. WebOS HP will be the main focus in the development of smartphone devices from now on. Thus, we can be sure Microsoft will lose a major vendor who used to manufacture the smartphone with its flagship OS.

What about HP's fortunes in the development of devices based on this WebOS? It seems we still need to know more uncertain at the time HP launched these different devices.


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