CrunchSMS: Fun SMS

Written By John Mitt Sam on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | 8:45 AM

Although the practice of using various types of messenger on the BlackBerry more and more, there are still many users of this handset is a Canadian who still enjoy using the short message or SMS feature. However, many also stay away from this feature because of its view that is too formal. CrunchSMS give a touch of a messenger application in the use of SMS and make it fun again. What new features offered by this application? let's see together!

SMS Messenger Style
Create a short message looks as though you are in the messenger, so that makes you able to chat comfortably with SMS without SMS before flipping her to remember to where your conversation.

Adding a signature automatically
You also can add a personal touch at each end of your message so that your friends will soon know that the SMS is from you.

The division of SMS by sender
SMS allows you to sort by sender and also while displaying images in addition to sending their messages.

The ability to enter and read emoticons
Capability lets you insert emoticons convey your feelings to the listener. Ability to translate emoticon emoticon also make reading easier without having to think long.

With these features are expected CrunchSMS to make your experience of the short message is more interactive and fun.


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